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New EDM Infographic

Take a look at our EDM Infographic for more information about how you can save money and deliver paperless working.

Our Suppliers

The suppliers chosen for this project were Kainos Evolve who delivered the software solution and Hugh Symons who provided the legacy and day forward scanning.

Our thanks to both of them for an excellent project conducted in a true partnership spirit from start to finish.

Why EDM?

  • Saves between £1.5 and £3m per annum in space, pay and consumable savings
  • Saves 200,000 sq m of office space across the acute sector in England
    • Helping meet the 35% non-clinical space Lord Carter target
  • Makes records securely available 24/7 across the care settings for easy access
  • Releases 10,000 WTE medical records staff across England
  • Overall save 0.5% of the acute sector budget per annum circa £300m per annum
  • The Government is setting out its ten-year strategy for transforming the way patients get and use information about their health.
    • The Power of Information sets out plans to give all patients easy and continuous access to their own health records

For an insight on the timeline of the Ashford & St Peters project, check out our dedicated Twitter Feed

Achieving a Paperless Hospital

Million pounds savings in space, pay and consumable

Sq M of freed up space

Total Savings in England (£Millions)

WTE staff savings

What do I do next?

Getting EDM Moving:

Making EDM Happen:


£1.5bn of NHS savings the government must not miss

Digital Health Special Report: EDM

Apira EDM Case Studies

Ashford & St Peters Hospital

Kingston Hospital

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

London North West Healthcare

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