Apira has been appointed to several Frameworks to enable more simplified procurement of its services

Apira services can be procured directly through contacting us or through a number of public sector frameworks which allow direct awards or mini-competitions.

NOEPC (NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative)

Apira have recently secured a place on the NOECPC framework covering ICT Solutions Delivery (Professional Services & Consultancy Support). Apira are included on Lot 1 (Clinical Information Systems), Lot 2 (Non-Clinical Information Systems), Lot 3 (Infrastructure) and Lot 6 (Multidisciplinary ICT Healthcare Consultancy and Advisory Services).

We are very pleased to be available through the NOECPC (North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative) ICT Solutions Delivery framework for Professional Services and Consultancy Support. We very much look forward to continuing our work with Trusts in the region helping them realise their Digital journeys. This framework is a great vehicle dedicated to the types of services that we provide.

Alan Brown, Director of Professional Services, Apira Limited

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Digital Capability for Health

Apira have also secured a place on the new Digital Capability for Health framework as part of an SME consortium led by Hippo Digital. The Digital Capability for Health framework enables service providers in the health and care sector to bring digital skills, services, and products into their organisations (which include NHS Digital and other national, regional, and local public sector health and social care bodies) from a list of approved, experienced suppliers.


We were very pleased to join the Hippo Digital consortium bid for this framework and are delighted to have received confirmation this week that the consortium has been successful in obtaining a place on the framework. We very much look forward to working with Hippo and consortium partners in supplementing the digital capability of national, regional, and local health and care organisations over the next four years.

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Apira Limited

Further information

More details are available on the Hippo Digital website.

For more information on our role in the consortium contact David Corbett, Apira representative on the Hippo Consortium Board.