The changing role of IT in the NHS

“We only put the boxes on the desk and the cables in the wall!” If I had a penny for every time an IT Manager said that to me, then I would have 76p! But seriously, the days are gone when IT “just” puts boxes on desks and cables in walls. Yes, I know that putting...

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The end of the National Programme: when to decide

The National Programme is dead; it is an ex-National Programme; it is no more. Exaggeration? Well maybe a little. Some of it is alive and healthy: RiO deployments and upgrades are still expected for Release 2 in over 60 Trusts across London and the South; N3 is...

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IT and Patient Care

Can NHS IT impact on patient care? Unfortunately, there are a few examples where an IT “disaster” such as a network outage or a virus outbreak have adversely impacted patient care – cancelled appointments, closed theatres, sending some patients to neighbouring Trusts....

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Apira supports St Mark’s Foundation

Apira has chosen to support its friends at St Mark’s Foundation and their fight against Bowel Cancer. Bowel disease destroys lives. Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK. Every 30 minutes someone dies. Yet, bowel cancer is one of the...

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