Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust – RiO Data Migration

The Trust, based near Bournemouth, Dorset, provides Mental Health and Limited Community Health services for residents across the county of Dorset, as well as specialist services within areas of Southern Hampshire.

The purpose of the project, as part of the RiO version 5.1 deployment, was to define the Data Migration strategy and provide assistance/guidance in developing data extraction and transformation routines as per BT’s RiO data migration specification. The scope of the project involved supporting issue/defect resolution during the discovery, trial load and final data upload stages in accordance to BT’s deployment methodology.

The key challenges faced by the project were:

  • Setting up a process to define business and data transformation rules
  • Reaching an agreement on the scope of migration
  • Establishing process to resolve data quality issues
  • Technical challenges around extracting data from legacy system (Continuum)
  • Lack of documentation and knowledge of data in legacy system

The following services were provided:

  • Development of the Data Migration strategy (including strategy for retention of historical data)
  • Assisted in setting up data cleansing including de-duplication process and DBS Tracing (formerly NSTS tracing) for improving NHS Number coverage
  • Guidance on developing data extraction and data transformation routines • Guidance on handling interdependencies between local configuration and data migration • Suggesting data validation procedures prior to submitting data to BT
  • Support discovery, trial load and final data load uploads
  • Field level validation and verification
  • Developing overall cutover plan including estimate of volumes of data that had to be manually entered
  • Planning manual key-in activities with transformation workstream leads and co-ordinating activities with DM to generate datasheets for manual data entry

The following were the key benefits delivered by the project:

  • Assisted the Trust by sharing lessons from other RiO projects
  • Helped the project to effectively manage overlaps between various workstreams e.g. data migration and local configuration; data migration and business transformation; data migration and cutover planning; data migration and reporting; data migration and testing

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