Gloucester County Wide IT Shared Services – Customer Perception + Service Study

The Gloucester County-Wide IT Shared Service (CITS) provides a wide range of IT services to the PCT, Mental Health Trust and Acute Hospital in Gloucestershire.

The customers of CITS were not very happy with the service being provided and wished to have an independent view of the service and what could be done to improve it.

One of the customers had previously threatened to withdraw from the service altogether and another customer was already withholding some of its funding.

Apira had been brought in by one unhappy customer who secured the support of the other customers and CITS to undertake a capability and capacity study of CITS in relation to best practice

The Apira consultant held a number of interviews with staff from across the customer base and with CITS staff in order to more fully understand the situation and the perceptions of CITS customers.

The structure and workload of CITS was also analysed in order to provide a degree of objective measure against best practice.

As a result of the work, the Apira consultant concluded that CITS had the capability to provide good quality ICT services to its customers although there were some capacity problems. A number of recommendations were made as to how the service could be improved.

These recommendations were not just for CITS but also related to how the customers acted and to the governance model in place.


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