Ridgeway Partnership – RiO Deployment

The Ridgeway Partnership is one of the leading providers in the UK of specialist health services to people with learning disabilities. It is also the main provider of home support services in Oxfordshire for people with learning disabilities. The deployment’s core objective was to replace the legacy patient administration systems with the NCRS RiO Mental Health application providing a known baseline from which corporate benefits can be realised.


The Challenge

The challenges that Ridgeway Partnership face are broadly the same that other Trusts encounter when engaging in the RiO Deployment and following the LSP deployment project plan:

  • To manage distribution of smartcards and training to 400 staff
  • To ensure technical infrastructure is aligned with minimum required specification.
  • To implement standardised working practice through business process re-design to implement a standardised working practice across the 3 counties in which it operates.
  • To apply data quality baseline to current data.
  • To identify and set in place mechanism for achieving corporate benefits
  • To ensure Service Management structure is update to support business use of application.
  • To ensure that RiO is configured with all services, teams and users and that activity coding is defined for each service.
  • To define and test access control for all users and ensure functionality is as expected.
  • To identify reporting requirements for the Trust and ensure RiO configuration and use is aligned accordingly.


Understanding and experience of underlying issues within the NHS and how they manifest themselves is integral to the approach that is defined for the project and the development of the project plan. This insight comes both through personal experience within the NHS but also through the ability to work with Apira colleagues who are always able to offer alternative approaches to resolve any issue. Through this experience, the Apira project manager was able to tailor the deployment model for Ridgeway at an early stage, producing a data migration options appraisal that saw the adoption of a manual data migration. This allowed for resources to be freed up for other areas of the deployment. As the deployment progressed and gaps identified, the project manager was called upon to:


  • Define and agree the infrastructure requirements specification needed for 3 different providers.
  • Produce and negotiate the service management plan with the local HIS supplier that saw support of RiO agreed.
  • Assume the role of deployment test lead. Delivering these as well as managing the delivery of this important product across 11 workstreams was only possible through extensive experience and expertise in the RiO deployment process and Trust business operations.

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