Northwick Park Hospital- Renal + Dialysis Unit Redevelopment

The Dialysis unit originally opened at Northwick Park Hospital in 1994 with 51 dialysis stations and treated 232 haemodialysis patients. However, over the years demand has increased and the Trust have struggled to manage the required capacity. A night shift was introduced, however the selection of appropriate patients that were clinically suitable to dialyse late at night was challenging. Furthermore, it added to the running costs as a second shift of nursing staff was necessary and transport was required for both patients and staff. The original water plant room equipment was still in operation some 15 years on and though it was well maintained, maintenance was becoming costly and more frequent.

The Challenge

Apira were appointed to project manage the design and delivery of the expansion of the Dialysis unit. The project required that the existing department be allowed to continue operating normally whilst development progressed and that through strategic phasing of the programme, minimal disruption be caused when interfacing the various elements of the re-development scheme. Included within our project brief was the redevelopment of the renal clinics and outpatients area that share the same site. Although based within the NWLH site, the department is an Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust satellite unit. Apira were required to manage the expectations and requirements of both Trusts. This was done by holding regular site visits and meetings between the two Trusts.

Our Services

Apira designed a phased approach that enabled work to commence on the extension with minimal disruption to the operation of the unit. Once the extension was commissioned, it was used as a decant area for dialysis patients from the existing unit, this allowed for works to take place in the remaining areas. Working closely with the Dialysis team throughout the programme, Apira were able to ensure that the design brief satisfied the expectations of the end users. Apira’s role:

  • Project management
  • Project documentation
  • Budget management and reporting on-going costs including advising on variations
  • Preparation of room data sheets
  • Schedule and procurement of all new medical equipment and furniture
  • IT infrastructure specification and management


As a result of the expansion, bed capacity has increased from 51 to 61 to enable a further 30 patients to be treated. The much-needed redevelopment enabled the Dialysis unit to meet the increasing demand of the North West London area. Also as a result of the redevelopment there is now a reduced service during the late night hours therefore reducing operational costs. The department is now fully operational and is the largest dialysis satellite unit in UK.

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