Strategic Total Referral Management

SToRM for Commissioners represents a brand new approach in referral analytics by using primary care data sources – YOUR DATA

The Challenges

There is a real need for accurate, timely and detailed data that presents a shared and undisputed version of referral process truth, accessible to all parties in the health economy.


Do you know what’s happening to referral patterns in your area? Nationally?


Are you constantly at loggerheads with your partners regarding which data to believe?

Do you have consistent access to a shared view on referral data?

Do you feel uneasy about decisions being based on flimsy evidence?

Difficulties improving the referral process? Reducing costs? Improving quality?

Our Solution



Strategic Total Referral Management

SToRM for Commissioners represents a brand new approach in referral analytics by using primary care data sources – YOUR DATA

Via a range of modern dashboards and reports that drill down to previously unavailable levels, SToRM allows a united view of activity across your organisation.

SToRM for Commissioners comes with central CCG and practice logins to provide organisation-wide access. You can create custom action plans to underpin changes in referral behaviour where necessary.

National datasets provide intelligence on activity trends and across the country, for benchmarking and comparison.

SToRM supports referral management and improvement, and helps you to improve data quality and awareness.

What people say about SToRM

SToRM is so very easy… and intuitive. Just what ordinary people need.

National Choose and Book Lead

SToRM Key Benefits


Informed Commissioning

Use your own Primary Care data to inform commissioning, improve the quality and value from your provider relationships


Efficiency and cost saving

Via better understanding of the referral process and any common blockages and under-utilised services can save £££’s



Provide CCG wide awareness of activity


High level of detail

GP’s, clinic types, clinical terms, timescales



Clear and simple to use


Quality Improvement

Knowledge of referring provides an educational tool to referrers, driving quality improvement opportunities via actionable referral intelligence



Compare other areas of healthcare provision, understand your market position



Up to date, near real-time referral data



No risk Pay As You Go licence model

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the data come from?

SToRM uses your own Primary care data, rather than Provider based data. The data from your clinical system and Choose and Book is current and detailed down to the individual GP, provider and specialty.

Q. Who can look at the data?

You can have user accounts for every GP and practice member as well as CCG staff. They can access SToRM via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Q. Do we have to do a lot of work to run and maintain SToRM?

No, the CCG just provides us the data, there’s nothing to install, configure or update.

Q. Does it need a lot of training?

No, SToRM is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Most of our users have begun using SToRM without any training. We can however offer you a quick reference guide and a series of guidance videos, if you require them.

Q. How much does it cost?

SToRM is inexpensive, available on a Pay As You Go licence fee, depending on the types of data you require.

Q. Can I try before I buy?

Yes. We can arrange a demo of the product and then provide a free month’s trial to test SToRM out, with no obligation.

Q. Can we talk to other CCG’s that are using SToRM already?

Yes, you can speak to some of our existing CCG users.

Interested In SToRM?

SToRM Product Sheet

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Real Analytics LLP is an exciting joint venture between Apira Ltd and High Fidelity Consulting, utilising the strengths and expertise of two reputable organisations.

Since 1997, Apira has become one of the UK’s leading Healthcare Information Service companies. Working across all healthcare sectors, Apira clients range from the Department of Health, NHS providers and commissioners,

as well as social enterprises and private providers.

High Fidelity Consulting has provided many healthcare organisations with high quality support and innovative thinking in the specialist fields of referral and information management for nearly a decade.

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