26 July 2023 News

Apira are pleased to share outstanding staff survey results!


We are proud to share that the results indicate that colleagues are delighted with their roles and the work environment. The survey was completed by over 85% of the team. This level of engagement highlights our employees’ eagerness to share their opinions and contribute to the company’s growth.

The results painted a positive picture of Apira’s staff, with several key strengths and aspects standing out:

  • Positive Attitude and Strengths: The survey revealed a prevalent assured attitude among staff, showcasing their dedication and commitment to their roles.
  • Abundance of Expertise and Knowledge: Employees expressed satisfaction with the wealth of expertise available within the organisation. This valuable resource continues to support the team to overcome challenges and to achieve their objectives.
  • Supportive Work Environment: The survey highlighted a supportive and friendly atmosphere at Apira, making it easier for colleagues to approach each other for help and information.
  • Appreciation and Recognition: Staff felt valued and appreciated for their hard work, with constant recognition from their peers and superiors.


Staff that completed the survey had the opportunity to leave comments which included the following feedback:

  1. One respondent remarked, “It feels like the company is moving in the right direction in solidifying its strengths opposed to diluting value across multiple areas, this is refreshing to see.” This observation reflects Apira’s commitment to maintaining a strategic focus and avoiding spreading resources too thinly.
  2. Another employee expressed, “I feel Apira is a good fit for me and has a lot to offer others. I think Apira has a great future and is in a really good place.” This sentiment resonates with the staff’s confidence in the organisation’s potential and suggests a positive outlook for both current and prospective employees.

Apira’s management team expressed their gratitude to the staff for participating in the survey and emphasised their commitment to continue raising the bar in terms of employee satisfaction. Executive Director Alan Brown who leads our people development group commented “This was our first ever staff survey and it was fantastic to receive feedback from staff telling us how great Apira is as a company. Our culture, the work we do and the people in our teams all received glowing praise from our staff. We will repeat this survey every year and will follow up on some of the ideas for future social events”.



With this renewed focus on employee satisfaction and continuous improvement, Apira is poised to maintain its reputation as a company that values its workforce and fosters a positive and collaborative work culture.