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Strategic decision: Is a new EDM solution right for your trust NOW? What are the real total costs?



Structured requirements: What does an EDM solution specifically need to achieve for your Trust, your patients and clinicians?



EDM Short-list: Which EDM solution best fits your requirements? What is their record within the NHS?



Deployment: Who will be the best system integrators for your needs? How do you reduce disruption during implementation. How do you complete your EDM project on-time and within budget.



Building meaningful buy-in: How will you maximise user adoption?



Full Realisation: How will you maximise the solution to fully leverage the EDM business case benefits now and in the future?


“The NNUH have worked over the past year with Apira on the scoping and building of an OBC and FBC for a Trust wide electronic document management system. They have seamlessly moved us through the process of business case building and the procurement process. Their attention to detail and personal approach has been valued by myself and our managerial and clinical staff alike.”

“The project manager assigned to us had incredible interpersonal skills and spent many hours deep in the organisation listening to stakeholders and building relationships. They have supported, advised and facilitated the project using an effective partnership style. As an organisation Apira are dependable, reliable and produce high quality outcomes and documentation.”

Sheila Glenn
Operations Director
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

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