6 June 2023 News

Apira’s Claire Doughty has recently qualified as a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO).


Apira would like to congratulate our Senior Consultant Claire Doughty who has recently qualified as a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO).

Claire, who is a nurse by background and uses her 20+ years healthcare transformation and clinical experience to lead on the change aspects of many of Apira’s deployment services, will now, as a qualified CSO, be able to help our customers to promote and ensure that effective clinical risk management is carried out within organisations that are responsible for deploying, developing and modifying health IT systems.

Clinical Safety Officers together with the wider NHS Trust Digital Clinical Safety teams, help to assure that Health IT systems meet the two mandatory Clinical Safety Standards DCB0129 and DCB0160 under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and are responsible for managing and overseeing the assurance of safety-related health IT software, ensuring suppliers and other organisations meet the required safety standards.

Digital Clinical Safety team members must possess various skills, including excellent investigative, problem-solving and analytical abilities, effective communication and interpersonal skills. They also need a deep knowledge of healthcare regulations and standards, especially in the field of safety and risk management principles and practices.

Claire, who has already supported a number of our customers including Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and East Cheshire NHS Trust on clinical safety assignments as part of EPR deployments commented



“I’m delighted to become a qualified Clinical Safety Officer. I find the CSO role really worthy and fulfilling as it helps me to ensure that we only deploy safe and fit-for-purpose health IT systems that ultimately assist health and care staff to provide better, safer and more efficient patient care”.



For further information on Apira’s Clinical Safety or wider healthcare IT system deployment services, please contact Rory Dennis, Director of Growth rory.dennis@apira.co.uk