7 September 2023 News

Introducing Apira Women’s Network: Empowering Diversity and Excellence


Our Mission Statement

“The Apira Women’s Network is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of woman within the company, united by a shared commitment to personal and professional growth. Through meaningful connections, mentorship, and skill-building opportunities, we strive to create an inclusive platform that elevates women’s voices, celebrates diverse cultures, and champions gender equality. Our mission is to inspire, uplift, and equip Apira women to excel in all aspects of their career and to drive positive change within Apira and beyond.”

Apira are proud to share the launch of the Apira Women’s Network. Led by our Senior Consultant Rupal Thakarshi, this network is more than just a platform; it’s a community of empowered women that are working together to learn, network and diversify.

The Apira Women’s Network is a testament to Apira’s commitment to gender diversity and equality. This network provides a unique opportunity for the women at Apira to connect, learn, and inspire each other and by joining forces. These women are actively driving change, not only within the company but also across the industry. One of the Women’s Network members, Ami Roberts has recently joined the ‘Women’s Health Campaign’ which was launched at BSC HQ and includes a range of powerful, inspiring women who are trying to make a change for women’s health within the workplace.

At the heart of this network lies the dedication to creating an environment that celebrates and promotes gender diversity. The Apira Women’s Network advocates for the rights and growth of women within the organisation and through collaborative efforts, ensures that every woman’s voice is heard and valued. The network also believes that continuous learning is a cornerstone of success and serves as a platform for skill enhancement and professional growth. By sharing insights, experiences, and knowledge, they are creating a culture of constant improvement and learning.

Beyond the workplace, the Apira Women’s Network extends its influence to the community through charity events and initiatives. These compassionate endeavours not only reflect the network’s commitment to social responsibility but also highlight its members’ dedication to making a positive impact beyond business realms.

Exciting opportunities are on the horizon for the Apira Women’s Network. The upcoming Women in Business and Tech expo, featuring some incredible women like Karen Brady, promises to be an enlightening event where knowledge and inspiration collide. Additionally, the network has more initiatives in the pipeline that are set to support the networks core themes and goals.

The Apira Women’s Network is open to every woman within the company who wants to be a part of the journey. Whether you’re a seasoned member of the team or just starting your career, this network welcomes you to join in driving change, celebrating diversity, and achieving new heights together.