17 November 2023 News

NHS Celebrates 90% Adoption of Electronic Patient Records, Marking Digital Healthcare Milestone


NHS England have announced that 90% of NHS trusts now operate with electronic patient records (EPR), signalling a monumental stride in healthcare’s digital transformation. Apira is proud to be among the key players supporting this landmark accomplishment and a crucial partner in many NHS trusts’ Electronic Patient Records (EPR) journey. 

The momentum behind this transformation has been unprecedented, with 189 NHS trusts now having successfully rolled out new EPR systems. Apira recently played a pivotal role in supporting Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS trusts to successfully implement its new Rio EPR. This success underscores the NHS’s commitment to exceeding the government’s target for EPR adoption well ahead of the scheduled deadline outlined in the Plan for digital health and social care. 

To facilitate this huge shift, NHS England allocated a substantial investment of £1.9 billion. This funding is geared towards aiding hospital trusts in either adopting new systems or enhancing existing ones, ensuring that every hospital in England reaps the benefits of this digital evolution. Last year alone, NHS England disbursed over £400 million to support 150 NHS trusts, with an additional £500 million earmarked to reach trusts this year, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare technology. 

Addressing the NHS Providers National Conference and Exhibition in Liverpool, NHS England’s Chief Executive, Amanda Pritchard, lauded the commendable efforts put forth by everyone involved at Sheffield Health and Social Care and Hillingdon Hospitals who both recently went live with their EPRs supported by teams from Apira. Pritchard highlighted their recent go-lives as part of achieving the 90% target ahead of schedule and emphasising the foundational role of these systems in harnessing new technologies for the betterment of healthcare. 

Raihan Talukdar, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, expressed unwavering enthusiasm for the digital revolution in healthcare. Talukdar comments underscored the significance of Apira’s deployment of the electronic patient record, marking a significant milestone for the trust and solidifying their commitment to prioritising patient-centric care. He emphasised the potential of EPR in elevating patient experiences and streamlining processes for staff, heralding an exciting phase in patient care. 

Alan Brown, Managing Director of Apira, commented: ‘This news highlights the great progress being made on ensuring that all NHS organisations have Electronic Patient Records. I am particularly proud that Apira have been involved in the business case, procurement and deployment of both Trusts that have been mentioned by the NHS in their news article.’ 

The achievement of 90% EPR adoption within NHS trusts stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of healthcare stakeholders and the pivotal role played by technology partners like Apira in shaping the future of healthcare delivery. 

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