23 October 2023 News

The EPR Alliance: Driving Digital Integrated Care in health and social care


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Apira proudly stands as a member of the newly formed Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Alliance, at a pivotal moment in the journey towards the digital transformation of healthcare in the UK.

Conceived through a strategic partnership with KPMG, Stalis, and Aire Logic, this alliance aims to spearhead the implementation of EPR systems in NHS trusts across the country. The EPR Alliance, which officially launched on September 25th 2023 at KPMG’s headquarters in London, is poised to facilitate the NHS in achieving an ambitious goal set by NHS England: a fully operational EPR system by March 2025. The significance of this initiative extends beyond the immediate challenge of EPR implementation, offering a visionary approach to the future of digital integrated care. 

A Unique Approach to Digital Integrated Care 

The core objective of the EPR Alliance is to provide NHS trusts with a comprehensive EPR transformation service, equipping them to navigate the complexities and challenges inherent in large-scale EPR implementation. With the combined expertise and strategic guidance of its members, the Alliance serves as a singular point of entry, delivering flexibility and a wealth of specialised knowledge to healthcare providers. The collaboration streamlines the often-intricate process of deploying and integrating EPR systems, ensuring a seamless transition for NHS trusts. 

The EPR Alliance represents a pioneering initiative in the health and care sector. While it addresses the immediate need for EPR adoption, it is also forward-thinking, heralding a new era of digital integrated care. The partners of the Alliance are committed to delivering an integrated service to NHS trusts, drawing from their collective experience and history of successful collaboration. This collaborative approach is set to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered in the UK, promising improved patient experiences, better clinical outcomes, and enhanced working conditions for healthcare professionals.

A Glimpse into the Future 

The launch event held on September 25th was a resounding success, with healthcare leaders from trusts nationwide attending. The event served as an introduction to the Alliance’s capabilities in a trade show style format, where each member had the opportunity to showcase their expertise and experience. This segment enabled meaningful engagement with the guests, effectively conveying the collective experience of the Alliance members in supporting NHS trusts in procuring, implementing, and deploying EPR systems. 

David Corbett, Executive Director at Apira, and lead for Apira’s involvement in the Alliance, expressed his delight at the formation of the alliance and the success of the launch event: 

‘We’re delighted to be part of the EPR Alliance which will provide a single point of access to a range of complementary services provided by the Alliance members. Having worked with KPMG, Aire Logic and Stalis on many EPR and related digital and data programmes over the last three years, we are delighted to have moved into a more formal relationship and to be able to start to offer a full suite of services to NHS clients.  

The launch event on the 25th of September was very well attended from trusts across the country, and it was great to hear examples of EPR deployments in the UK and abroad, as well as hearing from NHS England on the strategy to support NHS organisations with their data and digital strategies, including future plans for the Frontline Digitisation programme. 

The trade show section which enabled us to engage with our guests and to talk through Alliance members experience of supporting NHS trusts to justify, buy and to deploy EPRs also worked well in talking through some of the examples and critical success factors in successfully managing and delivering EPR and other digital enabled change programmes and was well received by our guests’. 

A Bright Future Ahead 

With the successful launch event, the EPR Alliance is now well-equipped to take its innovative approach to the market. The alliance looks forward to supporting both existing and new customers on their EPR journeys, ultimately aiming to enhance patient experiences, improve clinical outcomes, and better the working conditions of healthcare professionals. This collaboration has set a remarkable precedent in the healthcare sector, promising a brighter and more digitally integrated future for healthcare in the UK. 

To find out more about the Alliance and how we could help your trust please contact David Corbett david.corbett@apira.co.uk