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14 November 2023 Articles

In it for the duration!

David Corbett, Executive Director, shares why Apira are in it for the duration and how we are going from strength to strength. 
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25 October 2023 Articles

Opinion – Electronic Document Management: The often overlooked element of NHS digital transformation

Tom Moody, Consultant, shines a spotlight on Electronic Document Management and why he believes it's time for a transformative shift in our approach. 
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23 August 2023 Articles

Electronic Sharing of Medicines Information: Paving the Way for Safer Patient Care

A recent study conducted by the University of Manchester, commissioned by NHS England, has revealed that electronic sharing of prescription medicines information holds the key to significantly improving patient safety in healthcare settings.
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10 August 2023 Articles

Opinion – How diversity is affecting maternity care

Chris Evans, Senior Consultant at Apira who has supported multiple maternity system projects for our customers, talks about some of his experiences and why he feels diversity is affecting maternity care.
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31 July 2023 Articles

Opinion – techUK recently published their UK tech plan: How the next Government can use technology to build a better Britain.

techUK recently published their UK tech plan: How the next Government can use technology to build a better Britain.
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25 July 2023 Articles

Opinion – How the Midwife shortage is affecting digital adoption in Maternity services

Senior Consultant and registered General Nurse Sharon Hunt shares her thoughts on how the shortage of midwives is affecting digital adoption within the Maternity sector. 
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13 July 2023 Articles

Digital possibilities in maternity care – what are the barriers?

Digital technology has been at the forefront of driving improvements within the NHS for decades and it is something that has been used to drive productivity and safety improvements or to reduce the burden on front line staff...
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4 July 2023 Articles

How Maternity services can embrace digital transformation

In recent years there has been much discussion around the NHS implementing Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of healthcare deliver. Find out more here...
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